Digital Health Analytics

Track patient recovery through detailed reports of key health parameters.

Health analytics encompasses the technologies and skills used to deliver business, clinical and programmatic insights into the complex interdependencies that drive medical outcomes, costs, and oversight.

With digital health analytics, service care providers and patients can garner new insights over important health parameters for better-personalized care resulting in better patient outcomes with improved payer and provider resource utilization.

Predictive analytics and business intelligence can deepen consumer-centric relationships as well as improve the way healthcare is conceived and delivered for better outcomes.

Custom Key performance indicators to enhance organisation performance and provide quality patient care.

Features of Digital Health Analytics


  • Patient wait time
  • Average length of Stay
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Cross department utilization


  • Hospital incidents
  • Disease dashboards
  • Readmission/reoccurrence rate
  • Death Rate


  • Payer performance
  • Physician performance
  • Referral to/from channels
  • Expense incurred

Quality indicators

  • NABL accreditation
  • NABH accreditation
  • Other certifications

Benefits of having Digital Health Analytics

  • Information rich dashboards.
  • Customizable dashboard for quick access to information relevant to specific user role
  • Real-time / historical data
  • Real-time / historical data
  • Exportable: Print, email, export into PDF
  • Cloud-based – Accessible from any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop)
  • Cloud-based – Accessible from any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop)
  • Rule engine to configure alerts, escalations and decision support.