Decentralize Health Record Management System
Revolutionizing the way we interact and store health records on blockchain!

H+ Digital Health Wallet

Health Wallet – A one step solution to all your health record management

The requirement of medical assistance see’s no light or darkness. But again a proper diagnosis is one of the biggest challenges if there is a medical emergency. The availability of proper records of the patient is of key importance in any situation. For managing everyday health anytime, anywhere Hplus provides you the blockchain, which in turn provides you the power to manage your own health. Store your medical records and history on a system that is tailor made for the health care sector.

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H+ Features

Product Benefit

H+ - A one stop solution for health record management!

Designed with modularity and stability in mind, HPlus is the foremost toolkit for building decentralised healthcare record management application. Now create digital health wallet, manage and store health data and connect with various stakeholders on the go just on one tap. Easy access to your health records from anywhere anytime!


  • A personalised, confidential medical record
  • Complete health information diagnosis, medication, allergy etc
  • Integrated Data from Lab, doctor and hospitals


  • Emergency Care or Care While Traveling Data security
  • Inform medical history during consultation
  • Inform medical team about emergency
  • Call to emergency services and share health record


  • Reminder yourself of medicine
  • Reminder for appointment
  • Reminder for insurance
  • Access it anytime anywhere


  • Analyse health progress
  • Educate yourself for health
  • Family Health Management
  • Utilize health tools


  • Share with medical team
  • Secure communication with Doctor or hospital
  • Emergency Share
  • Search and book health service


HPlus ICO - Coming soon to heal all your health problems!

11 JAN 2018 | https://medium.com

Are your medical records still on paper? It’s time to digitize your health records with a smart solution! HPlus is digitized solution for patients...

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HPlus - The solution to healthcare data woes!

11 JAN 2018 | https://medium.com

Revolutionizing the way we interact and store health records on blockchain!. We know carrying important medical documents is difficult....

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HPlus - A Big Step into the Future!

11 JAN 2018 | https://medium.com

A radically better way to manage and store health records electronically. Are you ready to join the future of the healthcare revolution? Here’s what in-store for you:...

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One of the most innovative app I have come across so far dedicated to the most important thing to human race – Health and the medical records. Helps in the reduction of medical paper by digitizing the entire system or an easy and quick access on the go in case of emergencies.

EHR UserLos Angeles (USA)

Most required & anticipated system – HPlus is an innovative application specifically designed keeping doctors and other service providers in mind helping us in our health practices. Making the process simpler and quick for us. I would surely recommend this to everyone.

CardiologistIselin (USA)

HPlus is indeed the future of healthcare and will be very useful to the entire industry. So far we don't have such a friendly app, which will reduce the strain of preserving prescriptions and related test results for a longer period. It will be useful to both patients and doctors.

Multispeciality HospitalLondon (UK)

Loved the concept of health is wealth promoted by HPlus ICO. An innovative way for patients and service care providers to help each other in case of emergencies with an immediate access to care seekers important health information to treat better without any delay.

ICO ExpertAtlanta (USA)